My name is Rie Neal, and I write middle grade & young adult fiction.  Thanks for stopping by!

I've loved to write since I could hold a crayon, and have just finished my first (middle grade) novel, set on Mars, about 90 years in the future.  I'm the daughter and granddaughter of two lifetime NASA employees, so I guess space is in my blood.  Though I don't plan to go to Mars myself, I'm excited at the prospect of sharing in the adventures of those who will go in the next couple of decades.  I hope my writing will inspire a love of adventure and exploration in my readers.

Fun facts... In addition to writing, I like to do hair (but not my own), knit, pretend I like to run, and DIY house & craft projects.  I play the guitar and speak Spanish, though my skills in both areas have lapsed a bit over time.  I love plaid.  I hate cooking with a passion, but thankfully my husband kind-of likes it.  He's pretty awesome in general.  I also have two kids I like to chase around.  They're pretty goofy and amazing.

I have degrees in linguistics and audiology, but am currently writing full-time.

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, I now live here again with my family.

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